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079 - The Little Potato and How It Grew, with Angela Santiago, Ep #79 (1)

The Little Potato and How It Grew, with Angela Santiago, Ep #79

A particular culture comes with a family-owned business that’s difficult to maintain as the company grows. Today we learn how my guest, Angela Santiago, CEO and co-founder of The Little Potato Company, preserved the family-owned culture of her growing business. She equates planning for culture and values with planning for a budget or business strategy.  Angela and her father founded...
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Contracted Leadership

Holoubek in the Hot Seat, with Carey Green, Ep #78

What if you could have your biggest organizational issues assessed and addressed, with guaranteed results? That’s the promise of Contracted Leadership. We at Contracted Leadership are more than consultants. We’re contractors who work side-by-side with organizations and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. That level of commitment is required of anyone representing us. Each subcontractor has 15-20+ years...
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TDE077-Inspiring the Future through Game-Based Learning, with Dan White (1)

Inspiring the Future through Game-Based Learning, with Dan White, Ep #77

Creation is the key to learning. When we can apply what we learn, we make knowledge our own. My guest takes that belief to new levels. Dan White is the founder and CEO of Filament Games where their ultimate goal is to inspire people to learn more on their own. I knew I needed to speak with Dan White after...
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How Ambition, Courage, and Curiosity Empower Growth and Value, with Mary Dixon, Ep #76

Ambition, courage, and curiosity are character traits you’ll find in many founders and many innovators across disciplines. I immediately saw all three of those traits in my guest on this episode, Mary Dixon. Mary is a founder in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, working to improve the lives of human beings through research and development that empower the person’s...
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Leadership lessons learned from non-profits

Leadership Lessons Learned From Non-Profits, with Nick Curran, Ep #75

After starting his accounting firm serving the for-profit world, Nick Curran had an “accidental” conversation that led him down the path his business was to follow for the foreseeable future — providing accounting services exclusively to non-profit organizations. As CEO of Numbers 4 Non-Profits, Nick leads a substantial team of accountants, consultants, assistants, and administrative professionals to, in his words,...
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